Alexey Karataev

iOS Developer and UI/UX Designer


Saint-Petersburg, Russia


+7 (981) 141 00 92


Let's get acquainted?

Hello, I am iOS Developer and UI/UX designer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I have 5 years of experience in mobile development. I have been involved in developing a wide range of mobile apps. Specialize on developing iOS/watchOS applications in Swift. I enjoy all the challenges this industry offers. Technology, customer satisfaction, innovation and on-going learning. It is incredibly exciting.

I like to code. I find it enjoyable. I love building solutions that can be extended with only a few keystrokes. I like looking back at old code, and refactoring away the nasty bits in order to transform into something great. Besides working, I participate in open source projects and lead my own.


Batman would be jealous

iOS Development

This is my main direction for development. But often, the remaining areas are reflected in this. My primary language is Swift, but if necessary I can work with Objective-C.


Machine Learning

I really love ML, this technology is our future. Just take a look at my open source project. Mobile application using ML for the early diagnosis of melanoma. How do you like it, Elon Musk?


UI/UX Design

How many do you know the developers who received the invitation to Dribbble? Do not need many words, it needs to feel. Just look at my profile and enjoy the wonderful.


Customer Development

These are echoes of my startup experience. Need to calculate a unit economy? Do customer development? Will not be a big problem for me. I understand what a business needs.



Sometimes the best way to share a knowledge is to write an article. I am a co-author of the blog where you can find articles about Swift and Objective-C, libraries and frameworks.


Open Source

This is another big love of mine. I am so happy to be part of this amazing community. Besides my work I am contributing to open source projects such as GitHawk and lead my own.


Progress bars, anyone?











Core Data






Yes. I've been around
2019 – Present


Senior iOS Developer

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Okko is the emerging leader in online cinema software. As part of a core team, it has been possible to touch all areas of the app functionality: API integration, UI, R&D, future features and support existing. This requires additional attention to detail and rigour to maintain the quality of app that is expected.

2018 – 2019


Chief technical officer

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Small foreign startup. The company specializes in developing a mobile tool for influence marketing. I am currently managing a small team of designers, mobile and server developers. In addition, make architectural decisions for a mobile project.

2016 – 2018


Co-Founder and iOS Developer

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

The company specializes in the development of mobile applications using the methodology of customer development and lean development. There are three projects in studio's portfolio at the moment. One of them was released recently. The project named Utale.

2015 – present


iOS Developer

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

As an independent developer, I work on open source applications like GitHawk. I also build tooling for iOS. Sometimes I work on my commercial projects.


Lazy isn't in my vocabulary
2017 – 2019

SUAI University

Master of Software Engineering

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

- Theory of genetic algorithms;
- Machine learning and neural networks;
- Multivariate regression analysis;
- Software engineering methodology;
- Mathematical methods in scientific research.

2013 – 2017

SUAI University

Bachelor of Software Engineering

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

- Algorithms and data structures;
- Relational database theory;
- Advanced programming language theory;
- Development and requirements analysis;
- Functional and logic programming;
- Software quality theory.

2009 – 2013

SUAI College

Specialist of Computer System

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

- Learning assembler language;
- Advanced circuitry design;
- Synthesis of analog-digital devices;
- Advanced descriptive geometry.


Happy times!

1st Place at Conference

Educational informatics and sustainable development problems.

Governor Prize Winner 2010

Nomination: scientific technical creativity and research activities.

Silver medalist of ISA ESPC 2019

The fifteenth ISA European students paper competition.


Happy people

Georgij Emelyanov

iOS Developer at Alfa-Bank

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Alexey was the iOS developer and UI/UX designer on project where we worked together during more then five months. During this time he displayed deep knowledge of iOS development, architecture patterns, communication and lead skills. Alexey always strives to improve as a professional. Also he displayed high quality of code and aspiration make the good product.

Darina Guryanova

Design Center Coordinator at PepsiCo

London, United Kingdom

Alexey worked on the design of a mobile application for my startup. He is an identity in the design and interaction. He possesses great skills with the use of design tools such as Sketch and Adobe Suite and also has extensive knowledge in performing layout, information architecture, information design, UX strategy. I strongly recommend you Alexey as UI / UX designer.

Albert Khafizov

iOS Developer at Glamy

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

I highly recommend Alexey for iOS development position. I worked directly with Alexey on a few open source projects. He proved to be a responsible and conscientious developer.